The power to transform any space with light is now yours, at the touch of a button. Control the lighting levels and scenes in a single room or throughout your whole home and garden using a wall-mounted keypad or any smart-phone/tablet.




Lutron are the leading company in the world for providing light control at the highest level and with the very latest in technology.

Whether you want to control your homes environment from the comfort of your armchair, or on a beach from the other side of the world via an app on your smart-watch, Lutron have the solution.

We can design, supply, install, commission and carry out full scene setting to Lutron systems to fully realise and compliment the lighting design.

All programming is carried out to ensure a user friendly system with custom bespoke engraving to all keypads. We support projects from concept & design through to completion.

Full consideration is given to the programming of lighting levels to reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life, along with specific special scenes to include entry, house all off and holiday controls.

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