The majority of our projects are protected by non disclosure agreements and  therefore cannot be shown here.
The projects below represent a small selection of our client commissions.

6,000 sq. ft. – Huf Haus, Guildford

1,500 sq. ft. – Apartment, Marbella

8,000 sq. ft. – Private residence, Reigate

4,000 sq. ft. – Underground home, Hampstead

3,000 sq. ft. Private residence, West Horsley

21,000 sq. ft. – Penthouse, Blackfriars

25,000 sq. ft.  – Grade 1 listed building, Belgravia

3,000 sq. ft. – Private apartment, Barbados

43,000 sq. ft. – Private residence, Sunningdale

15,000 sq. ft. – Private residence, on the banks of the Blue Nile River

4,000 sq. ft. – Private residence, Guildford

2,000 sq. ft. – Private apartment, Knightsbridge

2,000 sq. ft. – Penthouse, Bloomsbury

10x  2 bed apartments, Bloomsbury

12x  2 bed apartments, Hyde Park Lane

1,500 sq. ft. – Loft apartment, Tower Bridge

6,000 sq. ft. – Private residence, Barnes

6x  4,000 sq. ft. – Lake houses – Lakes by Yoo

East Horsley

Tower Bridge

Lakes by Yoo

Sussex Home


The Studio – Harrods

Lakes by Yoo II


Lennox Gardens

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